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About Claire:

image by Caretto Studios

image by Caretto Studios
Hello! I'm a full time filmmaker and photographer based out of Missouri. I love traveling and all things that take me outside with my camera!
I want to tell your story beyond stagnant poses, with the emotions you feel and the motion that your love takes you on. I want to listen to your story and tell it right, be that through cinema/ video/ fine art film/ digital photograhy... my goal is to capture something that is meaningful to you and your loved ones.
While studying painting and sketching for my fine art degree, I ultimately fell in love with photography.
I saved up for my first canon SLR digital camera when I was fifteen years old... and I feel like I just never stopped playing with it!  
My hope is that you will treasure and share the images we create, and that their value will increase over the years for future generations and memories.
I have a double Bachelor’s degree from Saint Louis University in Fine Art and English, and I feel incredibly lucky to have discovered a profession that allows me to  use my art and meet so many interesting people, and share some of the greatest joys in their lives.
I believe in constant improvement of self and work, which I hope I'm achieving more of every day. I hope I shine God's light into each life I touch. 
When I'm not behind a camera (rarely!)...I like to train for/ compete in triathlons...and I love the ocean, so I do as much exploring as possible! I also love my family, to scuba dive, play the piano, make cookies,  coffee, good books, and painting. 
Get in touch- I hope we can meet in person soon.